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Sequence number:s2840
Date of letter:1993-12-04
Address of author:Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Date of event:1945-08
Location of event:Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Name of author:Gu Chunxiang (sent by Yu Xuejun)
Name(s) of victim(s):Gu Chunxiang

Type of atrocity:Others, Slave Laborers(OT, SL)
Other details:After Japan announced the surrender, the people caught to Japan as Slave Laborerss all returned home, including my husband and my elder brother. On July 15, 1945 in the traditional Chinese calendar, I went to my elder brother’s home to see whether my husband came back. On the way there, I met a group of Japanese soldiers. They robbed me of money and things, and cut off the left part of my face and my left ear. After many setbacks, I survived but suffered from permanent disability. The Japanese government cannot shirk its responsibility. I require the Japanese government to make an apology and compensation. The proof materials are attached.

Teacher Tong:


  On November 25 I received the information that you sent to old man Mr. Luo Pingfan in Shenyang. I sorted out some materials, and respectively mailed them to you, the Political Section of the Japanese Embassy in China, and Mr. Luo Pingfan in Shenyang according to your requirement, I’m not sure if the materials are correctly sorted, please give me a letter if there is any improper points, once again I wish to give you my sincere thanks, and remind you to take care of your health.

Sincerely yours

Yu Xuejun
Beiling Store, 2 Middle Kunshan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang
December 4, 1993

Claim for Damage Compensation from the Japanese Government

Respected Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador:

  I am Gu Chunxiang, female, 73. It was in August 1945 (July 15 on the lunar calendar, commonly called the Ghost Festival) when the Japanese government just announced unconditional surrender, at that time my family lived at Lingdong Village, Lingdong Town, Shenyang City, back then I was 25, my husband and elder brother were conscripted by the Japanese Army to work as laborers, because the Japanese government announced surrender, the captured laborers began to return home, but my husband had not returned, so I went to my elder brother’s home alone (now Huanggutun Station) to see if my elder brother had returned. When I walked to a road between the east wall of Beiling Park and Shenyang Sport University, suddenly a group of Japanese soldiers rushed out, they intercepted me, and wanted to take away my valuable belongings. Since I was carrying no valuables, one Japanese junior officer wielded a Japanese sword, and in one stroke I tumbled into the road-side ditch. After an interminable period, when I woke up, I found blood was all over myself, but I was still alive. I struggled onto the highway, several passersby villagers sent me home. Back then I was young with thick hair, the stroke by the Japanese officer cut away my left side face and left ear. Three days later, my husband returned. Because back then there was nowhere to seek medical assistance in the war-torn city, in the end the left side face was infested with faggot. Later after a few setbacks fortunately I survived. Nonetheless, the scar on the face and the mental trauma could never be erased. Even today, the wounded face often leaks pus. For over several dozen years, I often dreamed of that Japanese officer brandishing the sword toward me, for countless times I was scared to wake up from nightmare. What’s more agonizing, because of my wound, I lost the chance to work (back then I worked at Xiehe Shoe Factory).

  This year I was over 70, I had no guarantee of livelihood, which was caused by that vicious Japanese junior officer, they harmed us innocent commoners, and barbarically injured our soul and body, resulting in lifelong disability. The Japanese government has unshirkable responsibility. I formally demand the Japanese government to apologize, and demand the Japanese government to compensate 10 million yen as mental and physical damage fee.


Gu Chunxiang
Agent: Yu Xuejun
July 8, 1993


To Whom It May Concern

  I am Zhang Shaowen, male, 76 this year. I live at No. 7-2, Lane 67, Jianxueli, Lingdong Street, Shenyang City.

  It was one day in August 1945. Around noon I was working at a brick kiln near Shenyang Sport University, suddenly I saw a woman stumbling in my direction, with hands covering her face, and soon she collapsed on the road. I approached her and took a look, as it turned out she was my neighbor Gu Chunxiang, her left face was wounded by sword, blood flowed all over her, because her husband was captured by the Japanese to work as .laborer, in a hurry I called several others to carry her back home. We found some neighbors, who together bandaged her wound.

  This certificate is hereby issued

Reference: Zhang Shaowen (handprint)
August 18, 1993

To Whom It May Concern

  This is to certify that Gu Chunxiang, a resident within the jurisdiction of our Residents Committee, female, born on August 15, 1920, was wounded by Japanese soldiers on the highway between Shenyang Beiling Park and Shenyang Sport University in the last ten days of August, 1945, which resulted in disability.

This certificate is hereby issued

Shenyang Huanggu District Liaohe Neighborhood Lingdong Residents Committee
December 2, 1993

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Others(OT), Slave Laborers(SL)
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