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Sequence number:s0279
Date of letter:1996-06-12
Address of author:Yicheng County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province
Date of event:1943
Location of event:Yicheng County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province
Name of author:Wang Gencang
Name(s) of victim(s):Wang Changsheng(Wang Gencang)
Type of atrocity:Murders (MU)
Other details:My father Wang Changsheng participated in the Anti-Japanese War. He was arrested in 1943 and killed, with his heart cut out, cooked up and eaten by an enemy.

Petition for Compensation from Japan for a Chinese Civilian Victim

Plaintiff: Wang Genchang, the son of the victim Wang Changsheng
Defendant: Japanese Government

Cause of action: My father Wang Changsheng participated in the revolution in the early days and joined the Communist Party of China in 1938. He was once an underground correspondent with the Committee of Qinjifeng County and then participated in the underground guerrilla led by Wang Fengjiang and Li Shougui. He was killed by the invading Japanese gendarmerie in August or September 1943.

Facts and reasons: Based on the testimony of Chai Guoqing from ChaiBao Village, Feng County and Shi Guoxuan from Shi Village, Feng County, in 1938, my father was sent by the upper authority to enter a Japanese checkpoint in Shi Village, Feng County to prepare for a fight. Due to traitors, my father was captured by the Japanese gendarmerie in August or September 1943. He was brutally tortured and killed at the Laozhai Ditch in the north of Shi Village. His heart was dug out, cooked and eaten by the Japanese. How brutal and inhuman! I and my family extremely hate the invading Japanese army. So, we strongly demand the Japanese government to severely punish the invading criminals and a compensation of 1,000 USD for our economic loss.

We kindly ask Ambassador Sato Yoshiyasu of the Japanese Embassy in China to forward this petition to the Japanese government.

Chinese civilian victim: Wang Genchang and his family
Changce Village, Nantang, Yicheng, Shanxi, China
June 12, 1996

Evidence Materials

I hereby prove that it’s a fact that in 1934, (lunar August or September), Wang Changsheng (an underground worker and a communist party member) from Changce Village, Yicheng was killed at the Laozhai Ditch in the north of Shi Village by the Japanese gendarmerie. He had a miserable death. After he was dead, his heart was dug out, cooked and eaten by the invading Japanese. How merciless! This immeasurable blood debt must be paid by the invading Japanese army.

Witness: Chai Guoqing from Chaibao, Nanjiang, Jiang Shi
Guoxuan from Shi Village (Fingerprint)
June 10, 1996


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