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Sequence number:s3645
Date of letter:1993-05
Address of author:Xushui County, Baoding City, Hebei Province
Date of event:1943-1945
Location of event:Xushui County, Baoding City, Hebei Province
Name of author:Zhao Qiuhuan, Liu Wenxiang
Name(s) of victim(s):Zhao Linhuai (Zhao Qiuhuan’s father)

Type of atrocity:Slave Laborers(SL)
Other details:In 1943, Zhao Linhuai was captured by the Japanese Army and sent to Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan to work as Slave Laborers. He suffered hunger and coldness, and were often beaten and lived a life inferior to beasts, without any payment. Once, there was a gas explosion, the Japanese blocked the cave and refused to let anyone out, and many people were killed. We survived and finally returned to China in 1945. Note: The envelope is missing

  I am Zhao Linhuai, 80, from Dachong Village, Suicheng, Xushui, Hebei. In March 1943, I was deceived to Mitsui Miike Mining, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan, where I worked as a slave laborer for over 2 years without any salary and was beaten a lot. We did heavy work, but weren’t given enough food. We lived a life worse than livestock. One time, after I was hit by a lump of coal, I got 17 stitches in my head. At another time, a gas explosion took place. The Japanese blocked the gate after they came out, leaving many people who were still inside to die. We survivors are of an advanced age. I must pursue justice in my lifetime and demand humanitarian compensation from the Japanese government.

Daughter Zhao Qiuhuan
Matrilocal son-in-law Liu Wenxiang
May 19, 1993


Slave Laborers(SL)
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