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Sequence number:s3545
Date of Letter:1992-08-22
Address of Author:Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Date of Event:1941, 1943-01
Location of Event:Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Name of Author:Guo Suohui
Name(s) of victim(s):Guo Dixun (Guo Suohui’s grandfather) and several family members and villagers

Type of atrocity:Biological/Chemical Warfare, Air Bombings(BC, AB)
Other Details:In 1943 when Japanese invaders carried out “Burn All, Kill all, Loot All” policy and implemented inhuman bacteria war in our place. Many people including my grandfather and my aunt died of plague infection; another of my cousin was killed in bombing in 1941 by Japanese aircrafts. It is none other than the Japanese invaders who destroyed my family. I demand Japan to give my family compensation.

Comrade Tong Zeng,

A reader’s letter is attached for your review.

Best regards,

October 5

Mass Work Department, Jinhua Daily (Seal)

Letter of Complaint

  On behalf of my ancestors and some of my neighbors, I accuse the Japanese militarists who caused disastrous and irreparable damage to us, and demand compensation from the Japanese government for the crimes committed during Japan’s war of aggression against China. I also urge the government of the People’s Republic of China to demand atonement from Japan for us.

My accusation is described below. Besides the Three Alls (burn all, kill all and loot all) policy, the Japanese army also conducted barbaric germ warfare, which caused a plague epidemic in my hometown in 1942. On December 11, 1942 of the lunar calendar, (solar calendar January 1943), my grandfather Guo Dixun caught the plague while treating a patient, and died after only 3 days. My grandmother Xu Wan died after 14 days. Moreover, my aunts Lv Weilun, Wu Zhilun, Xu Delun, sister-in-law Xia Yuee and a younger female cousin Guo Xiuju also caught the plague and died. In just 5 days, 8 members of my family died. In addition, my 7 neighbors including Guo Dayou, Guo Yinchuan and his wife, Guo Baofa and his wife, Guo Longyong and Guo Atian were also killed by the plague. So, as many as 15 people died in less than 10 days. At that time, anyone who caught the plague would voluntarily run to a graveyard in the mountain to wait for death in order to isolate themselves from their family to protect them from danger. It was such a horrible disease. The above incident destroyed over 10 families and made my hometown unfit for living. Although dozens of years have passed, we are still horrified by the incident. During that time, doctors sent by the government had correctly identified the cause being a plague epidemic. Thereafter, the roads were blocked and those who caught the plague were quarantined. But all of them eventually died. Back then, the Kuomintang government didn’t hold the Japanese responsible because it didn’t care about the lives of its people. But today, the Communist Party and the people’s government can protect its people. Therefore, I request the Chinese government to demand a compensation of USD 200,000 from the Japanese government to cover part of the losses mentioned above.

By the way, my older female cousin Guo Meie was killed by a bomb dropped from a Japanese war plane in May 1941.

Mr. Tong, please forward this to relevant departments.

Representatives of the victim’s family members

People’s Government of Guozhai

Guo Suohui (Personal seal)

Hushan, Guozhai

August 22, 1992

The above facts are true.

We strongly demand compensation.

Villagers’ Committee of Hushan, Guozhai (Villagers’ Committee seal)

August 27, 1992


Air Bombing(AB), Bio-Chemical Warfare(BC)
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