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Sequence number:s3532
Date of letter:1992-08-22
Address of author:Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province
Date of event:Not mentioned
Location of event:Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province
Name of author:Guo Junhui
Name(s) of victim(s):Common people in Dongyang City

Type of atrocity:Biological/Chemical Warfare(BC)
Other details:During the Anti-Japanese war period, our place was infected with bacteria released by Japanese invaders to result in widespread plague. I demand Japan to give compensation.

Mr. Tong Zeng,

  After reading from Jinhua Daily the article about you launching a campaign to demand compensation from the Japanese government, the painful memories about my family’s suffering that happened dozens of years ago came back to me. I am sending you a letter of accusation against the Japanese invaders who caused many deaths through a plague resulting from their inhuman biological warfare and also a list of victims for you to report to the relevant department. We firmly demand compensation.

  Thank you for making efforts to pursue justice for us.

Best regards,

Hushan Village, Guozhai Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province
Retired cadre Guo Junhui (Personal seal)
August 22, 1992

Comrades of the Editorial Department of Jinhua Newspaper,

  Your newspaper published an article entitled Wave of Civil Claims: Records of the Chinese People Demanding Damage Compensation from Japan in the 6th edition of Jinhua Daily on June 30, 1992. According to the article, Mr. Tong Zeng, who was a former lecturer with the Law Department of Beijing Sinopec Management Institute and then transferred to work with the China Research Center on Aging, launched a campaign to demand compensation from Japan and as the last paragraph of the article notes, he is seeking for victims to bravely stand up and claim for compensation they deserve.

  After reading the article, I recalled memories of my family’s and my neighbors’ suffering in the biological warfare implemented by Japan. So I wrote a document and wanted to send it to Mr. Tong Zeng with the China Research Center on Aging and asked him to sign my name for me. However, as I don’t know his detailed address and postal code, I cannot send the document to him. Therefore, I wrote a letter to your newspaper, attached with a letter and written document addressed to Mr. Tong Zeng and asked your newspaper to fill in his detailed address and postal code and forward the letter to him. Indeed, the comrades of your newspaper are very responsible. They filled in the postal code 100732 (but no detailed address) and forwarded the letter for me. But the letter was sent back to me by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with the reason that it doesn’t have such an organization. I have no other choice but once again send the stamped letter and document to you. Please take time to fill in the detailed address and postal code of the organization or individual launching the compensation campaign on the envelope, seal it and forward it. I think since your newspaper punished the article, you must know or have a way to find out the detailed address of such organization or individual mentioned above. Please take time to help me. Thank you.

Best regards,

Hushan Group, Guozhai Town, Dongyang City

Representative family member of the victims Guo Junhui (Personal seal)
September 26, 1992

There are other victims in my area who were burned, killed or bombed by the invading Japanese army. They also want to send a letter of claim to Mr. Tong Zeng, but they cannot due to the lack of a detailed address of Mr. Tong Zeng. So apart from the above-mentioned matter, please tell me the following information if possible.
1. What is the organization handling the compensation matter mentioned in Page 2 of the article? Please tell me its detailed address and postal code.
2. What is the organization that Mr. Tong Zeng works with? Please tell me its detailed address and postal code.

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Bio-Chemical Warfare(BC)
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