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Sequence number:s3192
Date of letter:1993-03-30
Address of author:Changsha County, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Date of event:1941-11-14(lunar calendar)
Location of event:Changsha County, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Name of author:Cai Songmu
Name(s) of victim(s):Cai Shoucheng (Cai Songmu’s grandfather)

Type of atrocity:Murders (MU)
Other details:On November 14, 1941 on the lunar calendar, my grandfather was captured by the Japanese Army and slashed with knife seven times. He died on the spot. I want to denounce the Japanese Army to uphold justice for my grandfather.

Mr. Tong Zeng,

  I am sending you a copy of Historical Data of Changsha County and will send more copies in the future. I am also sending 10 signature forms, 9 accusation forms and witness materials. I think you must have received the signature forms and victim forms I sent you from Wuhan in February 1993.

  Please take time to reply me after receiving the letter so that I can tell the victims when they will be compensated and I can know whether the victim forms and witness materials I sent you cause any storage problem to you and the Japanese embassy in China. Please answer the above questions in the reply.

Best regards,

Zhongnan Village, Gaoqiao Town, Changsha
March 24, 1993

  We are all offspring of the Chinese nation and have the right to know the glorious history and humiliation of our nation. In particular, we shall not forget the disaster that the inhuman, evil Japanese invaders brought to our compatriots for nearly 14 years from 1931 to 1945! We demand compensation from the Japanese government to the victims and their family members!

  Today, we have the right to demand damage compensation!
  Today, we demand damage compensation because we shall not forget the suffering that our compatriots and relatives are experiencing!
  Today, demanding damage compensation is a just act for our compatriots and relatives.
  The personal painful experience of victims is provided below.

Chinese Victim during Japanese imperialists’ invasion of China


Lingjiaoli Group, Xiyuan Village, Jinjing Town, Changsha County, Hunan Province. Claimant: Cai Songmu, Cai Haitao, seal (signature)

March 30, 1993

About the death of Cai Shoucheng

  My grandfather Cai Shoucheng lived in Lingjiaoli Group, Xiyuan Village, Jinjing Town, Changsha County, Hunan Province. On November 14 in the 30th year of the Republic of China when the Japanese army marched across my hometown, the villagers hid in the mountain in Youdouchong, Ludongyuan Group of my village to avoid misfortune. Unfortunately, the Japanese army marched up the mountain from Shanghuashan and found my grandfather who became distraught as he was hiding alone. My grandfather was bayoneted seven times. Although many villagers witnessed the tragedy, they were unable to save him. The witnesses include:

  Tang Wangzhi, 72, Shibali Group, Xiyuan Village (Fingerprint)
  Yi Hanquan, 66, Kuangwanli Group, Xiyuan Village (Fingerprint)
  Yu Shaoyun, 95, Chapankou Group, Xiyuan Village (Personal seal)
  Luo Minghua, 74, Xiyuan Village (Personal seal)
  Peng Zhengguang, 68, Xiyuan Village (Fingerprint) (Personal seal)

Lingjiaoli Group, Cai Songmu
December 28, 1992

The above facts are true and can be used as proof. The case is submitted to higher authorities for investigation.

Villagers’ Committee of Xiyuan Village, Jinjing Town, Changsha County(Villagers’ Committee seal)
December 30, 1992

After the old man was killed, I saw him on the way home with my father. I can be a witness if the higher authorities investigate the case.

Yi Hanquan (Fingerprint)

It’s true that the old man was bayoneted seven times. I sawhim onmy way home and can be a witness.

Peng Zhengxian (Fingerprint) (Personal seal)

I saw it with my eyes that the old man was killed in the mountain and his body wasn’t taken back until 7 days later.

Tang Wangzhi (Fingerprint)

Cai Shoucheng was my father-in-law. It took me 2 days to find his body and took it home by myself.

Yu Shaoyun

It’s true that the old man Cai Shoucheng was bayoneted seven times by the Japanese army on November 14 in the 30th year of the Republic of China when they invaded our village.

Luo Minghua (Personal seal)

Cai Shoucheng was bayoneted twice in the head, twice in the back, twice in the belly and once in the foot.

Luo Minghua (Personal seal)

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