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Sequence number:s2952
Date of letter:1993-07-26
Address of author:Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Date of event:1942-1945
Location of event:Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Name of author:Gao Fengxiao
Name(s) of victim(s):Gao Fengxiao, his wife and grandfather

Type of atrocity:Slave Laborers, Rapes, Sex Slaves, Murders(SL, RA, SS, MU)
Other details:In August 1942, I was captured from Yuanshi County. The Japanese Army suspected I was a Communist, and tortured me; later I was sent to Shijiazhuang Slave Laborers Station. One month later I was sent to Mianzhou to dig coal; our food was no better than those fed to dogs and pigs, and each day we worked more than 12 hours. In less than half year, half of the people died. In August 1945, I was sent home, it was then that I learned my former wife was gang raped and forced to follow the army as prostitute, and my grandfather was killed in bombing. I demand Japan to give compensation.

Document about Compensation for Civilian Persecution after Anti-Japanese War

  According to newspaper reports, civilian victims during the Japanese invasion period are entitled to receive compensation. I am Gao XX, a persecution victim, the following is the details of my persecution:

  Gao XX, now 71, living at Yuanshi County, Hebei Province, I was captured by Japanese Military Police on August 9, 1942 (lunar calendar), and lived in Yuanshi Town for one month; here, they suspected I was a CPC member, and interrogated me, I was tortured and attacked by hounds, every means of torment was used to harass us, we must admit we were party members, otherwise you would be beaten to death (said the interpreter). Under such circumstances, I had no way but to admit I was a party member (I was indeed not party member). Later I was escorted to Shijiazhuang South Barracks laborer education office, where I stayed for one month, later I was forced to take a train to Fuxin Coal mine (Taiping Coal Mine Second Pit) in Jinzhou city, Northeast China, there I worked as coal miner for half year, we lived in crudely constructed houses, the food was even inferior to that for pigs and dogs, there were many lice, and we were not given adequate clothing, each day I had to work 12 hours above, within less than half year, half of the laborers died. Later I was transferred to North Manchuria Kwantung Army 4838 Troop to build port at Dahugang, Xingkai Lake (Khanka Lake). Suffering from hunger and coldness, I was also beaten by the Japanese. After half a year, I was sent to Fushun Coal Mine Longfengkan to dig coal, it was not until after Japan surrendered in 1945 that I returned to hometown at the end of August. During this period, my former wife Zhang XX (aged 22) was gang raped, and was forced to become prostitute of the Japanese Army, my grandpa Gao XX was also killed by Japanese aircrafts during air raid, in the end my family was broken. It is hoped that after reading this letter, relevant officials can give me compensation. (The above facts are true, and can be verified by dispatching investigation team to here)

Sincerely yours
(Villagers’ Committee Seal)

Victim Gao XX

s2952-e s2952-p1

Murders(MU), Rapes(RA), Sex Slaves(SS), Slave Laborers(SL)
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