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Sequence number:s2915
Date of letter:1992-11-03
Address of author:Huanggang City, Hubei Province
Date of event:1938
Location of event:Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Name of author:Wang Qingcheng
Name(s) of victim(s):Wang Qingcheng’s grandparents

Type of atrocity:Air Bombings, Slave Laborers, Others(AB, SL, OT)
Other details:In 1938 the unpardonably vicious Japanese invaders bombed Wuhan. My home was destroyed beyond recognition. Japanese invaders also captured my grandfather as Slave Laborers, because something was missing, they tortured the Chinese Slave Laborerss, and poured boiling water into my grandfather’s mouth. Japanese invaders’ atrocities shocked my grandfather mentally. For many years my family received immeasurable life and property loss from the Japanese invaders. We will never give up compensation, the Japanese government must give compensation and apology.

Comrade Tong Zeng and Chen Jian:


  Several days ago, I accidentally read the article “History Has Not Forgotten” on the 10th issue of the “Readers’ Digest”, an article describing you two calling for Chinese nationals to demand damage compensation from Japan, which prompted me to immediately pick up a pen to write this letter.

  I’m 35 this year, a native of Wuhan. In 1974, after graduating from Huanggang High School, I went to the countryside , and later joined the army; in 1986 I transferred to banking industry.

  Over the past 30 plus years since I came to understand things of life, through film, TV, books & magazines and other channels such as private coaching and social networking, when I was very young I learned the disaster and anguish brought by the Japanese invasion to the Chinese people and my family, and constantly reinforced my resentment and antagonism toward the Japanese Militarism. Through my parents I learned that, my grandparents deeply suffered from the Japanese invasion. In the early days of the fall of Wuhan in 1938, Japanese military aircrafts hovered above Hankou and dropped bombs, which totally destroyed a house of my family in Qiaokou District, so the whole family lost our shelter. After the Japanese Army entered Wuhan, my grandfather and others worked as laborer for the Japanese Army. One day, the Japanese Army’s military materials were stolen, the Japanese Army indiscriminately captured several dozen Chinese laborers including my grandfather and tortured them heavily, intending to force them to admit the theft. My grandfather was too straightforward to confess anything, finally the Japanese Army inhumanly poured boiling water into his mouth, which scorched my grandfather’s esophagus and trachea to lose normal functions. Despite this, my grandfather and others still refused to confess. Seeing there’s no result, the Japanese Army then asked the family relatives of the captured laborers to bail then out. My grandmother borrowed a lot of debts to bail my grandfather out. Soon afterwards, the Japanese Army again wanted to capture my grandfather and others, fortunately two Japanese soldiers (one was a South Korean) secretly notified my grandfather in advance, after my grandfather learned the news he took a small boat and sailed to Jiujiang overnight, so as to avoid repeated ravage by the Japanese Army. Because of severe torture by the Japanese Army, my grandfather not only lost the ability of labor, which deprived my family of a major economic source, he also lost normal function in trachea, everything being eaten would be spit out. Although my family sought medical assistance everywhere, and provided meticulous care, my grandfather still passed away in bitter hatred in 1950 due to illness and hunger. Furthermore, my grandmother also received persecution from the Japanese Army. Because our house was destroyed due to bombing, my grandmother was searched by the Japanese Army when working at Hankou Nanyang Tobacco Factory (Wuhan Cigarette Factory today), on the next day my grandfather was detained by the Japanese Army and received heavy beating, my grandmother became mentally imbalanced, and was diagnosed as minor schizophrenia, so much so that even more than ten years after liberation she would be scared by anyone wearing yellow clothing, and she would scream and seek hiding places. My grandmother passed away in 1962.

  For many years in the past, I often felt unreconciled toward the absence of appropriate compensation for immeasurable enormous loss and sacrifice of lives, properties and mental trauma brought by the invasion of the Japanese Army to the Chinese people. In all fairness, it is arguably farsighted and suitable for the Chinese government to abandon claim for war compensation by Japan from long term interest in Sino-Japanese friendship, and East Asia and world peace, the majority of Chinese nationals can understand and endorse it. Nonetheless, because of the extraordinarily heavy and profound losses brought by the Japanese Army’s invasion to the Chinese people, it is also a reasonable and popular decision to demand damage compensation from Japan through non-governmental channel, it also complies with relevant international laws; from certain perspective the Japanese people should also show understanding, which can also help Japan to better reflect on past mistakes, and face the bright future of Sino-Japanese friendship. In the first half of this year, the National People’s Congress mentioned this matter, which made my family see a glimmer of hope in seeking compensation from Japan, in particular after reading the article “History Has Not Forgotten”, we felt deeply encouraged.

  Here, on behalf of my parents: Wang Jiale, Cui Fuying, elder brother: Wang Yousheng, elder sister: Wang Hanxiang, younger brother: Wang Yingqing, younger sister: Wang Qingfang, and myself, through the information communication channel of you two, regarding physical ravage and mental trauma, as well as fundamental property loss brought by the invasion of the Japanese Army to our family, we demand Japan to compensate 50000 yuan. Meanwhile, our whole family want to express admiration and appreciation for you two and others who have worked tirelessly for the campaign to seek damage compensation from Japan, our whole family is willing to join hands with tens of thousands of victims and their family members of the Japanese invasion, work together to accomplish the success of acquiring damage compensation from Japan.

  Meanwhile, on behalf of my whole family, I want to propose a suggestion: Establish a nationwide non-governmental organization for seeking damage compensation from Japan, whose name can be: China Federation for Seeking Damage Compensation from Japan (Compensation Federation). Its aim: Through the Compensation Federation, unite tens of thousands of victims and their family members across the country (including overseas compatriots), based on relevant damage facts and international laws, obtain reasonable compensation from the Japanese government. The Compensation Federation’s mission: Compile certain articles of association, absorb all qualified members across the nation, communication related info, sort out related documents, and contact relevant departments of the Japanese government on behalf of all claimers across China to put forward and negotiate relevant compensation matters, and finally finish the claim task entrusted by all claimers from across China.

  Finally, I look forward to receiving your reply after you two receive this letter.

  Wish all the best for you two!

Wang Qingcheng
Hebei Province Huanggang Area China Construction Bank Business Outlet

November 3, 1992

Tel: 52782, 52379. Area code: 0713. Postal code 436100.

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Air Bombing(AB), Others(OT), Slave Laborers(SL)
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