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Sequence number:s2912
Date of letter:1992-09-09
Address of author:Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Date of event:1942-04
Location of event:Zhejiang Province
Name of author:Zhu Yingwu
Name(s) of victim(s):Zhu Xiufang(Zhu Yingwu’s father)

Type of atrocity:Others (OT)
Other details:In April 1942, when the news that Zhu Xiufang saved two American soldiers was learned by the Japanese Army, the Japanese Army demanded Zhu Xiufang to tell them the whereabouts of American soldiers, but was rejected. They set fire to Zhu Xiufang’s house, back then 7 neighbors all suffered loss.

Comrade Tong Zeng,

  According to an article published in the 4th edition in Newspaper Digest of May 19, 1992, you’ve submitted a proposal about demanding civil compensation from Japan to the National People’s Congress. I fully support the proposal and I am sincerely grateful to you. My family are victims of the anti-Japanese war. I am writing to report to you and sincerely ask you to register us in the list of victims demanding compensation from Japan.

  The process is provided below. In April 1942 during the anti-Japanese war period, a fleet of American bombers bombed cities such as Tokyo, Japan. After the bombing, the bombers flew to the airport in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province for landing. However, due to poor communication with the airport, the bombers couldn’t land and were forced to fly to other places. One bomber ran out of oil when it flew above Xianxiang Town, Yin County, Zhejiang Province, so two American pilots parachuted into a field of cotton in Nanxingtang near Jiaolonggang in Hainan Town. Then the pilots burned the bombers. After getting the news, the head of Xianxiang Town Zhu Xiufang immediately sent people to take the two American pilots to the government office of Xianxiang Town and warmly entertained them. For the sake of safety, Zhu Xiufang then sent the two American pilots to Yufengyuan Army which belonged to the army of Yu Jimin, a Kuomintang official, in Yindongsha Village. Later, they were sent to the Headquarters of the Ningfeng Kuomintang guerrilla area in Ninghai and then to the mainland. Not long after that, the Japanese army stationed in Ningbo knew about this, so they sent soldiers to Xianxiang Town to transport away the remains of the bomber in the river behind Qiuling Primary School. Besides, they asked Zhu Xiufang to hand over the two American pilots, but Zhu refused to entertain them. So in late June, the Japanese army sent soldiers to Xianxiang Town to arrest Zhu Xiufang, but in vain. Then, on the morning of June 29, the Japanese soldiers burned the building of Zhu Xiufang’s family and all property in it to reduce their anger. Meanwhile, 7 neighboring households also suffered. A total of 5 buildings and 6 bungalows were burned (including my family’s 1 building).

Best regards,

Zhu Xiufang’s son Zhu Yingwu

September 9, 1992

Note: Zhu Xiufang has passed away.
Address: No. 3, Jiyang Alley, Kaiming Street, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.

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