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Sequence number:s2815
Date of letter:1992-06-16
Address of author:Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Date of event:1938-06
Location of event:Xiangyang County, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province
Name of author:Tan Baolin
Name(s) of victim(s):Tan Baolin’s grandmother and villagers

Type of atrocity:Others, Other Massacres, Murders(OT, OM, MU)
Other details:Between June and July of 1938, the Japanese soldiers attacked my hometown and burned down our houses. My grandmother was bayoneted to death by them. The Japanese soldiers killed more than 100 people and hanged the bodies in the wall. This is the fact that I have experienced. I am willing to join the team for “claim” to seek justice for the victims.

Mr. Tong Zeng,

  Today, I learned from a brochure that you are planning to establish a non-governmental organization to demand damage compensation from Japan. I strongly support the establishment of such an organization and I am willing to join it because it reflects the national spirits of the Chinese people.

  In June and July 1938, the Japanese army (XX Corps) attacked my hometown Huanggang Town, Xiangyang County where Chinese army was stationed. My grandmother Mrs. Liu (then 82) was bayoneted to death by Japanese soldiers. On the next day after the Chinese army was defeated and retreated, the Japanese army burned my family’s two houses and all property in them.

  In Shangzhai village nearby, the local people protested the Japanese army’s occupation, so the Japanese army attacked the village in the night and took it on the next morning. The Japanese army killed over 100 Chinese people and hung their bodies on the wall for the public to look at. If you or your organization agrees, I am willing to find out the names of the victims and their family members.

Best regards,

Tan Baolin
June 16, 1992

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Murders(MU), Other Massacres(OM), Others(OT)
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