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Sequence number:s2785
Date of letter:1993-03-13
Address of author:Qigihar City, Heilongjiang Province
Date of event:1944-1945
Location of event:Jilin Province
Name of author:Zhang Duo
Name(s) of victim(s):Zhang Shutong, Zhang Shuchen

Type of atrocity:Slave Laborers, Others(SL, OT)
Other details:My foster father Zhang Shutong was originally from Jilin Province. In March 1944, he was caught by the Japanese soldiers to repair railways in Liaoning Province. He was beaten cruelly and did not have enough to eat every day. During the period, my foster father took 18 fellow sufferers to escape, but were caught again. He was beaten with his leg broken and was put into prison. My natural father Zhang Shuchen was also deceived by the Japanese soldiers to do hard labor. He was released after the victory of Anti-Japanese War in 1945.

Respected Comrade Tong Zeng,

  You have worked hard!

  From the article “Chinese Civilian Compensation Claim against the Japanese Government” published by “Law and Life” on July 6, 1992, I learned that: From September 18, 1931 to August 15, 1945, while the Japanese Imperialism frantically invaded China, and implemented utterly inhuman persecution against Chinese people, according to international public law, the victim himself and relatives are entitled to demand claim against the Japanese government; as the blood relative of victims in those years, I demand compensation from the Japanese government in accordance with law. The detailed facts and processes of persecution are below:

  My foster father Zhang Shutong (a native of Yaonan County, Jilin Province) in March 1944 (back then aged 20) was forced by the Japanese Puppet regime to “Kinro Hoshi” (payless forced service), he was forced to build railway in Fushun in Liaoning Province, there he suffered from hunger, excessively long working hours, and excessively heavy workload, each day he received beating and torment.

  My foster father was of fiery and forthright temperament, in less than one month, he led 18 fellow slave labors and escaped. Led by traitors, the Japanese invaders chased them to Qiqihar and captured my foster father, and forced him to tell them the whereabouts of the other 18 persons, my foster father refused, and the Japanese invaders beat my foster father heavily till unconsciousness several times, broke his legs, and put him into prison.

  Afterwards, the Japanese invaders also forced my natural father Zhang Shuchen to “Kinro Hoshi”, and cheated him that in this way he would be able to save my foster father from death, they also said that seven months after my natural father went to Fushun, my foster father would be released to return home. My natural father had no other choice, and left wife, children and grandparents to go to Fushun to provide service to the Japanese invaders.

  In the middle of August, 1945, the Japanese Imperialism surrendered, my natural father Zhang Shuchen survived his slavery life spanning one year and three months, and happily retuned to hometown, thinking that my foster father had already retuned home, his condition might have improved significantly. Little did he expect that this time he was cheated again. It was not until he reached home that he learned my foster father only returned home one week earlier than him, his whole body had rotten away, with bloated face, he was literally dying. The two brothers only stayed with each other for five days, after which my foster father Zhang Shutong died in deep hatred. Aged only 21, in the prime of youth, he died miserably under iron heel of the Japanese invaders.

  Owing to the slavery torment by the Japanese imperialism, and the heavy blow of my foster father’s violent death, My natural father Zhang Shuchen also suffered severe damage both physically and mentally, since then he became weak in the rest of his life, and lost the ability to work, he passed away in 1972, aged only 57, too early to be able to enjoy natural span of life, he passed away in deep hatred!

Attitude and demand of the victim’s blood relative

  In accordance with the scope of damage compensation toward Japan in the discussion, in the capacity of blood relative of the victim Zhang Shutong (my foster father), and Zhang Shuchen (my natural father), I sincerely and whole-heartedly respond to Chinese civilian claim activity against the Japanese government, I hereby sign my name solemnly.

  My foster father Zhang Shutong escaped to avoid slavery, abuse and persecution by the Japanese invaders, but was later unfortunately captured by the Japanese invaders, beaten till disabled and detained in prison, and died a violent death within several days after the Japanese invaders surrendered, this is another debt of blood owed by the Japanese Imperialism, the victim was only twenty one years old when he died.

  My natural father Zhang Shuchen was tricked by the Japanese Imperialism to work as a slave for as long as one year and three months, plus the violent death of his brother Zhang Shutong, he suffered severer damage both physically and mentally, after liberation his illness defied medical treatment, and he passed away too early in deep hatred at the age of only fifty seven.

  Till today I still feel deeply pained at the mere thinking of the past, I infinitely appreciate Tong Zeng and other several comrades, who kicked off the claim activity against Japan in accordance with law. When it comes to the severity and magnitude of the damage, the consequences are irreparable. I’m not familiar with international public law, as to how the Japanese government should compensate for the historical debt of one death and one disabled, it will be entrusted to Tong Zeng, other initiators of the activity and relevant organizations on my behalf to handle evaluation and compensation!

Signer in response to Chinese civilian compensation claim against Japan
Claimer, the victim’s blood relative against the Japanese government
Zhang Duo (name seal)
March 13, 1993

Correspondence address: Pingqi Line Yushutun Track Maintenance Worker Zone
Postal code: 161033
Address: No. 9, Group Four, Dairy Factory Street, Yushutun Town, Angxi District, Qiqihar City

Name: Zhang Ming
Gender: male
Age: Now over 50
Address: Pingtai, Baicheng City, Jilin Province
Occupation: Division Level Cadre of the Eight Nine Eight Seven Zero Troop of China People’s Liberation Army
Correspondence address: Eight Nine Eight Seven Zero Troop of China People’s Liberation Army
Postal code: 137001
Address: Pingtai, Baicheng City, Jilin Province
Eight Nine Eight Seven Zero Troop of China People’s Liberation Army

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Others(OT), Slave Laborers(SL)
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