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Sequence number:s0505
Date of letter:1995-01-18
Address of author:Yu County, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province
Date of event:1940-04
Location of event:Yu County, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province
Name of author:Zhang Shuangbin
Name(s) of victim(s):Over 10 victims including Wan Aihua (Zhang Shuangbin’s townsman)
Type of atrocity:Sex Slaves, Slave Laborers(SL, SS)
Other details:Zhang Shuangbin is sorting out the information of several comfort women in order to claim compensation from Japan.

Teacher Tong, hello

Wish you a happy New Year, and good luck.

Owing to end of semester matters, I was unable to attend the appointment in Taiyuan, and had delegated Mr. Chen to undertake the tasks. The details should have been reported to you by Mr. Chen, so I will say no more. Since the phone call to Zhang Linyi failed to go through, causing other hassles, I feel truly sorry.

Mr. Chen’s suggested that I request 2000 yuan from Onodera for activity fund. But I don’t feel comfortable to ask. So instead I just followed the requirements on the letter from Mr. Onodera and described some specific difficulties. Hope you can bring closure to the funding request. . Please correct any mistake in the letter addressed to him, and explain to me in your replying mail. (Please forward the original letter to Onodera.)

By the way, for all schedule arrangements, namely important matters, please let me know in advance.

According to news, China now has a compensation law. Does it promise an opportunity? Don’t miss the 50th anniversary of the Anti-Fascist War Victory and the opening of the global meeting.


Wish you all the best

Zhang Shuangbin

Respected Mr. Onodera: Hello!

We were supposed to meet each other in Beijing (October 20-30). Yet due to environmental factors, we were unable to meet face-to-face. Then we missed the opportunity again on January 16. It’s really a pity.

About the letter addressed to me in care of Mr. Chen Zonshun, I understand the contents. In order to finish this matter as soon as possible, I will try my best to cooperate with others. Only that it’s first time contact (we haven’t met yet), there are some things that are still not clear, and I’m unable to clarify them in the limited space here. I’m only able to tell the interview to Mr. Onodera, please forgive me.

With the support and assistance from Teacher Tong Zeng, as an ordinary lean teacher in the rural area who was commissioned to conduct survey on conditions of “comfort women”, it’s hardly satisfactory. To tell the truth, among the forty nine comfort women whose info I now have, the scenarios vary greatly. Plus a large number of them have died with bitter hatred. In fact, in the recent two years, eight have died. Previously I thought it would be better to have recorded audio testimonial or video footage, but existing condition was beyond your understanding, I was unable to properly handle this matter.

About these women, they are not concentrated in one place waiting for me to interview. Instead I have to travel around to locate them one by one. They would not personally tell me any truth concealed under the hush tradition of feudalism taboos. Instead I had to educate and motivate them from multiple aspects. Furthermore, they are mostly living in remote mountain valleys, separated by mountains and county boundaries, or even in other provinces. For instance, Yu Xiliang of Xiaojiao, Pingshan County, Hebei Province, I went there twice in vain. Indeed, it would be much easier if I had a car, or a motorcycle, but my means of transportation is an old bicycle, which is very inconvenient. Also traveling to other counties and other provinces incurs travel expenses. With my meager income, I need to (must) bring some gifts to those comfort women. Although Teacher Tong Zeng and Mr. Chen have given me considerable monetary assistance, which had cost them a lot, it is far from enough to address my situation. I have accumulated some debts. Nevertheless, I will try my best to take good care of this matter. Although now there are close to 50 persons on my team, that’s still not enough. The trouble is I’m very busy at work, and could not possibly spare a lot of time, For this reason, I’m now preparing to quit that job, so I can focus my attention on this mission and avoid delaying a lot of things.

About the nineteen women you mentioned in the letter, I will try my best to persuade them, so as to fulfill your wish as much as possible. Please refer to the attached table to view their info. Wan Shouhua is now living in Taiyuan, but had moved twice recently. Her daughter had some misunderstanding. She is illiterate and unable to write. I should personally pay her a visit. In fact, on January 3 she came to my home accompanied by two overseas Chinese. But unfortunately I was away and missed her. I believe she will certainly stand up to support this lawsuit.

As the Spring Festival draws near, many things are waiting to be done. I’m really busy. I request Mr. Onodera to forgive me.


We will talk in detail when we meet.
All the best

Zhang Shuangbin

Meanwhile, many slave laborers want to interview me, and I have given them promise, hoping to file joint indictment!



Sex Slaves(SS), Slave Laborers(SL)
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