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Sequence number:s0229
Date of letter:1995-07-15
Address of author:Shanghai
Date of event:1943-10-01
Location of event:Wendeng County, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province
Name of author:Li Junqing, Li Xuewei, Hu Dan
Name(s) of victim(s):Li Junqing’s grandfather, mother, spouse, sister-in-law and niece
Type of atrocity:Air Bombings (AB)
Other details:On October 1, 1943, the Japanese bombed my village, and five members of my family were killed – my grandfather, mother, wife, sister-in-law and niece. Now I claim compensation from Japan.

Mr. Tong Zeng:

The Japanese Imperialism invaded China, committed towering crimes, and owed numerous debts of blood to the Chinese people; the ironclad details pile up mountain high, for which Japan must offer apology and compensation.

In 1943, the Anti-Japanese War entered the stalemate stage, the Japanese invaders revealed early signs of defeat, but they still tried to put up a last-ditch struggle, and quickened the pace of making more barbarian slaughter of the Chinese people, during this period the Japanese Invasion Army dispatched a large number of aircrafts to wantonly bomb our Eastern Shandong Peninsular region to kill innocent common residents.

On October 1, 1943 on the lunar calendar, our village (currently Renhe Village, Renhe Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province) received bombing from aircrafts dispatched by the Japanese Army, our family was unfortunate to meet tragic disaster. The bombs dropped by the Japanese invaders barbarically robbed the life of five persons in my family, including my 82 year old grandfather, my 53 year old mother, my wife and sister-in-law along with my less than one month old little niece, their violent death scenes were too horrible to look at. To this end, I strongly demand Japan to compensate for the resulting loss.

Imperialism is the origin of the war, war is the root cause responsible for destroying human civilization and progress. We must unite with peace-loving people around the world to oppose wars, uphold peace, and make continual efforts for the civilization and happiness of all mankind!

Li Junqing
July 15, 1995

Address: Room 903, 200 Xinzha Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Postal code: 200003
Tel: (021) 3277679

Mr. Tong Zeng:

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-fascist War. Looking back at this leaden period of history, the Japanese invaders brought grave disasters and immeasurable losses to the Chinese people which are too numerous to be recorded. As a Chinese citizen, I want to file complaint against Japan for my dead family members.

On October 1, 1943 on the lunar calendar, the Japanese Invasion Army killed 5 people in my family, which plunged me, a homeless child, into the abyss of misery, For this purpose, I strongly demand Japan to compensate for the consequent losses.

I was born in Renheji Village, Wendeng County, Shandong Province (currently Renhe Village, Renhe Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province). On October 1, 1943 on the lunar calendar, the Japanese Invasion Army dispatched aircrafts to drop a number of bombs into our village; they killed innocent people, my home was destroyed, my grandfather, mother, two sister-in-laws and a less than one month old little niece were savagely killed. In that year, I was only 10, I lost my family, and was forced to wander about as a refugee.

I clearly remember that it was one day in the autumn harvest season. After breakfast, my second elder brother and I went to the field to harvest peanuts. Close to 12 o’clock in the noon, my elder brother carried a shoulder pole of peanuts to send it home, he asked me to stay in the field. After returning home, my mother put our lunch into the basket, and told my elder brother: “You return quickly, take the lunch to the field, and eat it with your younger brother, lest he should wait impatiently.” Soon afterwards, my elder brother took the lunch and returned. But it never occurred to me that this was the last token of love left by mother to his sons. The moment when my second brother and I finished our lunch, we saw an aircraft flying from the west to the east, crossed the south mountain, and then dived down, which was followed by a loud “boom”, in an instant thick smoke billowed and soared into the sky. My elder brother blurted out: “Damn, that’s our home!” Because at that time we were on the Broomsticks Ridge in the southeast direction, the terrain was high in elevation, everything was very clear. Soon, the aircraft moved toward the west. At that moment, we saw our cousin ran toward the ridge, shouting while running: “Return home, your mother was killed!” I almost fainted on the spot, and followed my second elder brother to run home. When we reached the yard, we saw our grandfather was crouching in the corner crying, the scene in front of us was too horrible to see: The house was gone, mother and second sister-in-law were lying in a pool of blood; the elder sister-in-law rolled about on the ground in agony, and soon died; the head of my poor little niece was missing, and I found it on the road side when helping collect the body. I plunged toward my mother, and shouted: Mother! Mother! Two days later, when we had just buried our endeared ones, disaster struck our family again, the vicious Japanese aircrafts again dropped bombs, my 82 year old grandfather was split into two by the explosion, his upper torso was thrown some distance away, which was too horrible to witness.

And these are the towering crimes committed by the Japanese invaders. Since then, the indignation and anguish left behind are never forgotten in the rest of my life. Here, I want to shout to Japan: Return my family members! Pay my debt of blood! The crimes of the Japanese invaders must be thoroughly settled. Regrettably, just when the whole world was deeply reflecting on this unprecedented disaster in the human history, some Japanese officials even tried to distort the history, and wipe out the invasion facts, which is unacceptable for all war victims and people with sense of righteousness. Justice will not be upheld unless the invaders give heart-felt apology to victims, and offer deserved compensation. History cannot be forgotten, history should not be repeated, this is the common voice of all peace-loving people. It is hoped the Japanese Government can wake up to reality.

Li Xuewei
July 12, 1995

Postal code: 200437
Address: Room 403, No. 17, Lane 71, Tunguang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China
Tel: (021) 5364041

Mr. Tong Zeng:

On the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of wining the victory of Anti-Japanese War, we victims demand Japan to admit their crimes of bringing heavy casualty to the Chinese people, and killing numerous Chinese residents, the scores must be settled!

What Li Xuewei complained is true. Li Xuewei’s second sister-in-law Hu Guohua is my elder sister. She was only married to Mr. Li a little over one year ago, the child she gave birth to was less than one month old, both the mother and the child along with five people in his family were killed by the bomb dropped by the Japanese aircrafts. It was October 1, 1943 on the lunar calendar. After this disaster happened, my mother and I, who was then only 16, went to the site to see my elder sister, the house was gone, what was left was a big pit, no one was around, we could one see some intestines hanging on the tree, it was indeed a horrible scene, we felt as if our heart was being twisted by sharp knives, it was an unforgettably miserable and painful experience, for which we will never find peace of mind for the rest of the life.

I demand Japan to return my endeared sister, or compensate for my loss. Regrettably, just when the whole mankind is reflecting on this blood-soaked invasion war, some officials in Japan even were unwilling to acknowledge this segment of criminal invasion history, refused to acknowledge the crime, and tried to distort the history, but historical facts speak for themselves.

In order not to repeat this miserable segment of history, we demand Japan to add this invasion history into history textbooks for students of primary schools and middle schools, so as to educate the later generations not to forget the past historical lessens, and thus treasure today’s peace and Sino-Japanese friendship.

Current name: Hu Dan Former name: Hu Guocui
July 18, 1995

Postal code: 110006
Address: 2-1/3, Section 1 Wenhua Road, Heping District, Shenyang City, China
Tel: 3843163

Mr. Tong Zeng:


I am Li Junqing, 83, now retired, I admire your strong sense of mission for the Chinese people. Your deeds will be engraved in the heart of the Chinese people, and never forgotten for generations to come!

Before the 50th anniversary of the victory of Anti-Japanese War, I sincerely authorize you to accuse the towering crimes committed by the Japanese invaders, the debt of blood of killing my five family members. Japan must acknowledge its crime and offer compensation! This is a right and proper thing.

Finally thank you!
Wish you a peaceful summer

Li Junqing (name seal)
Tel of my humble residence: 3277679
July 27, 1995

Please find the attached ② accusation materials.


Air Bombing(AB)
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