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Sequence number:s0025
Date of letter:1994-09-24
Address of author:Fushun, Liaoning
Date of event:1931
Location of event:Xinbin County, Fushun, Liaoning
Name of author:GUO Junhong
Name(s) of victim(s):Grandfather of GUO Junhong
Type of atrocity:Murders (MU)
Other details:In 1931, GUO Junhong’s great-grandfather, an anti-Japanese soldier, was hunted by Japanese army. Japanese soilders couldn’t find him, so they took his son–GUO Junhong’s grandfather, held him as a hostage and later had him beheaded.

Dear Teacher Tong,

After reading the essay “Tens of Millions of Chinese Civilians Killed in the War Depended on Us to Bring Japan to Justice” on Weekend Digest published by Ningxia People’s Publishing House, I felt all sorts of feelings welling up in my mind that I couldn’t sleep at night. I sensed the responsibility to take actions, so I am writing you this letter, humbly asking for your guidance and encouragement.

Fifty-nine years of tears and blood are right in front of my eyes.

I am a lab worker at the Majiazi Cement Plant in Fushun, Liaoning Province. My family is originally from Xiaosiping Village, Dasiping Town, Xinbin County, Liaoning Province.

When I was in middle school, my grandmother often talked to me about my grandfather being killed by Japanese soldiers at Menzhuanzi in Balidian, Huanren County.

My great-grandfather joined the Northeast United Resistance Army in 1932, fighting battles under the leadership of General YANG Jingyu. He was awarded for his bravery in battles. In 1950, when the delegation from the Central Government came to Northeast China to visit war soldiers, my late great-grandfather was given another medal from the delegation.

In 1931, Japanese invaders took over the three provinces in Northeast China. When they landed on Chinese soil, they killed, burned and robbed, pushing all civilians in Northeast China into the abyss of pains and miseries. Japanese invaders searched and killed not only Chinese soldiers but also their families. They couldn’t find my great-grandfather, so they took my grandfather as a hostage, and later they had him beheaded at Menzhuanzi in Balidian, Huanren County, Liaoning Province.

When it happened, my grandmother was only 34 years old. My older uncle was 16, my father 14, my younger uncle 12 and my aunt 2.

Since my grandfather died, my grandmother, my uncles and my father were hugely hurt both physically and mentally. They buried my grandfather in unspeakable sorrow, and my grandmother, all by herself, started raising the four children in the darkest years of China. It is beyond our imagination how she went through those years!

“The blood debt should be paid with blood.” Now as so many years have passed, how should I ask bring Japan to justice? Please give me some guidance, Teacher Tong.

I think that as a descendent, I must speak for my family’s grievance and ask for justice. I am willing to travel around the three provinces in Northeast China and promote a name-signing activity “Demand Indemnity and Compensation from Japan”.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

GUO Junhong


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