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Sequence number:s3184
Date of letter:1992-10-15
Address of author:Shanghai City
Date of event:1937-10-24(lunar calendar)
Location of event:Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Name of author:Lin Xiaozhong
Name(s) of victim(s):Lin Qiugen (Lin Xiaozhong’s father), Pei Qiaoying (Lin Xiaozhong’s mother), Lin Xiuzhu (Lin Xiaozhong’s younger sister)

Type of atrocity:Murders (MU)
Other details:On October 24, 1937 on the lunar calendar, the Japanese invaders came to my hometown, wanted to rape my mother but failed; they stabbed my father and younger sister to death with bayonet. The Japanese invaders killed them with very barbarian method, especially my younger sister whose intestines flowed out. This debt of blood must be compensated by Japan. We must take advantage of the Emperor’s visit to China to demand compensation.

Comrade Tong Zeng,

  My family received brutal persecution from the Japanese invaders, I want to deliver the following complaint to the Japanese Embassy in China, I want to strongly put forward justified demand, and I hope all circles in society will support my righteous appeal.

Lin Xiaozhong
Victim’s family member
October 15, 1992

Complaint for Repayment of Debt of Blood on the Occasion of the Japanese Emperor’s Visit to China

   Three persons in my family, including my father (Lin Qiugen), my mother (Pei Qiaoying), my younger sister (Lin Xiuzhu) were all killed by the Japanese invaders at that time, the venue was inside our home on Shizi Street, Suzhou City, the time was 6 o’clock in the morning October 24, 1937 on the lunar calendar, the cause was these Japanese invaders wanted to rape my mother but did not succeed, which triggered their savagery, they killed my father and younger sister with bayonet; my younger sister died more tragically, not only her intestines were plucked out, her body was held high by the knife on the bayonet, thanks to my neighbor who protected me, I survived, since then I became an orphan and left Suzhu to wander homelessly in Shanghai, when I was small my infant name was Lin Xingsheng, later I changed my name to Lin Xiaozhong to lament the death of my parents, over the past several dozen years I kept the habit of fasting for one day on the death anniversary of my parents and younger sister, so as to express my mourning and to vow revenge, never forgetting this vendetta of blood and tear.

  Now I demand the following points to the Japanese Emperor:

  I. I request the Emperor to assign personnel to thoroughly investigate the troop code name of the Japanese Invasion Army stationed in Suzhou after returning to Japan, and punish these killers, because these Japanese invaders could not have all died today.

  II. I request the Japanese Emperor to dispatch special officer to build a monument at the place where my parents and younger sister were killed, so as to show respect, remorse and educate the later generations, by doing so it can also exempt partial guilt for the Emperor’s ancestry, meanwhile it can also let us acclaim the Emperor’s mercifulness and express our welcome, otherwise how can Japan apply for the membership of the United Nation’s Security Council. Because Japan fails to fulfill the most elementary humanitarian duty, it has no right to claim itself as a fair and civilized nation in the international community,; meanwhile I also call for cancelation of Japanese legislation on dispatching overseas military force, otherwise it is necessary to educate these soldiers not to continuously commit crimes abroad.

  III. I strongly demand compensation to the victims’ family members, compensate for huge loss sustained both mentally and economically over the past several dozen years.

  The above complaint is expected to be delivered to the Japanese Emperor through the Japanese Embassy in China,.iIf these officials were truly loyal to his Majesty the Emperor, I think they should take the responsibility to forward it prudently.

Lin Xiaozhong
Victims’s family member
October 12, 1992
(972Haining Road, Shanghai, retired worker of Shanghai Machine Tool Factory)

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Murders(MU), Rapes(RA)
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