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Sequence number:s2943
Date of letter:1992-10-13
Address of author:Congyang County, Anqing City, Anhui Province
Date of event:1940
Location of event:Congyang County, Anqing City, Anhui Province
Name of author:Xie Sihua
Name(s) of victim(s):Xie Jingyan (Xie Sihua’s grandfather)

Type of atrocity:Murders (MU)
Other details:In 1940, my grandfather was attacked to death by Japanese hounds on the pretext of “Collusion with the New Fourth Army”. I wish to receive instructions form Mr. Tong to obtain compensation from the Japanese government as soon as possible.

Respectable comrade Tong Zeng,

  I am a cadre at the Grain, Oil and Food bureau in Zongyang County, Anhui Province. I am 51, born in December 1942.

  Today, I accidentally read the article entitled History Is Not Forgotten from Issue 10 of the monthly magazine Reader’s Digest of 1992, which was abstracted from Jinhua Daily of June 30, 1992. I became quite emotional after reading it. As a lecturer in a Law Department, you submitted to the National People’s Congress a proposal demanding compensation for Chinese victims of Japan’s war of aggression against China and wrote a letter to the Japanese Prime Minister to demand compensation by using law as a weapon. Your act not only meets the will of the numerous offspring of victims like me, but undoubtedly reflects our strong wish. So I am writing to express my respect and gratitude.

  My grandfather Xie Jingyan lived in Laozhouwan Street, Laowan Town (Tongcheng Town before the People’s Liberation) and was a businessman. It’s said that in about 1940, he was bitten to death by dogs of the Japanese army with the charge of secretly communicating with the New Fourth Army. At that time, Laozhouwan was occupied by the Japanese and as it was quite close to Pujiwei Area (now a farm), the New Fourth Army would sometimes appear.

  Although it’s been over 50 years, such deep hatred will always be a part of us. Finally, you stand up to settle the issue with Japan. How could the fact that my grandfather was killed by the Japanese army be recognized? What proof is required? Most of the witnesses have passed away due to old age and I don’t know whether the archive of the county has evidence about this matter. I need your instruction and help. Thank you. Please take time to reply.

Best regards,

Xie Sihua

October 13, 1992

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