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Sequence number:s0216
Date of Letter:1993-05-20
Address of Author:Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Date of Event 1944
Location of Event:Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Name of Author:Shao Zongchang, Shao Wenbei
Name(s) of victim(s):Shao Jihe, Liu Maiao, Zhang Zenglin(or Zhang Zengmu), et al.
Type of atrocity:Murders, Others (MU, OT)
Other Details:”On one day in August, 1944, Japanese army came to the village, caught people and looted food. At that time, Shao Zenger was caught and Shao Zongchang and father Shao Jihe hid themselves in tunnel. Then, the Japanese killed Shao Jihe, Liu Maiao and Zhang Zenglin with poison gas and Shao Zongchang hid in a ventilative place and survived. In January 1944, Japanese army caught 18 people and killed 2 at the railway station in Zhengding County, and among the remaing 16, 4 have been missing and 12 were released one after another.




Based on my memory I hereby certify:

I am Shao Zongchang, from Qinjiazhuang Village, Dongquancheng Township, Zhengding County, Hebei Province. One morning in August, 1944, the Japanese and Chinese traitors came to our village to arrest people and loot food. My father Shao Jihe and I escaped into an underground tunnel. The Japanese killed 3 people of our village with poisonous gas, including Liu Maishu and Zhang Zengmu. I was only 12. I hid with other young people at a place with ventilation holes and survived.

(I wrote after reading Elderly News, but did not send it immediately because a family member was hospitalized)

Hereby certify
Shao Zongchang
February 4th, 1992

Supporting Evidence

One morning in August, 1944, at around five or six, the Japanese and traitors from Xinan Station and Beijia Village came to Qinjiazhuang to capture people and loot food, and seized Shao Zenger. They killed Shao Jihe, Liu Maishu and Zhang Zenglin (Editor’s Comment: In the letter above, the author gave the name of “Zhang Zengmu, instead of Zhang Zenglin.  In the original Chinese handwritten letter, the author might accidentally have written this name inconsistently) with poison in the tunnel. On the same day, they robbed food loaded in several carriages and took food to Beijia Village for three times, totally around ten tons of food.

Testifier: Shao Wenbei
April 25th, 1993


Supporting Evidence

I hereby certify:

In January, 1944, the enemies from Zhengding County Xinan Station came to our village to capture people one night. They captured 18 people that night: Shao Xiaoting, Shao Yatou, Shao Roudun, Shao Qiu, Bo Jide, Bo Laowai, Guan Wan, Wang Shuanghe, Wang Jizeng, Shao Heshang, Liu San, Liu He, Li Laogang, Shao Wenbei, Liu Xiaofang, Wang Side, Liu Xiang, Bo Xiaowen. Wang Side and Liu Xiaofang were shot dead in Xinan Railway Station. Liu Xiang, Liu San, Shao Xiaoting and Shao Yatou were sent to Shijiazhuang South Barrack and their whereabouts is unknown up until today. The rest of the 12 people were released one after another.

Shao Wenbei
May 20th, 1993





Murders(MU), Others(OT)
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