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Sequence number:s0194
Date of letter:1993-10-10
Address of author:Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Date of event:1936-1937
Location of event:Kuandian County, Dandong City, Liaoning Province
Name of author:Lan Yunrui
Name(s) of victim(s):Lan Jixian (Lan Yunrui’s father), Cong Shuchun
Type of atrocity:Murders, Others, Other Massacres(MU, OT, OM)
Other details:On November 17, 1936, my father Lan Jixian was detained by Japanese, tortured, and dying. In early 1937, he was killed by the Japanese authority, together with Cong Shuchun, president of Kuandian County Middle School, Dandong City, Liaoning. They would not let the families to collect the corpses. Now we claim a compensation of 20 million yen from Japan. The letter contains a record of the history in Kuandian County Annals. Also recorded were that the Japanese army killed countless innocent people, burned houses and evacated five victims’ pits to murder more than 400 people.

Appeal to the Japanese Embassy in China
“Demanding Economic Compensation for the Killing of My Father by the Japanese Invasion Army”

  Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador:

I am Lan Yunrui, a retired teacher of the 42nd High School in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, in China, female, 82. My native place is Kuandian County, Liaoning Province, China. My current address is No. 3-3-1, Building 18, Second Huaxiang Residential Quarters, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

In 1936 (25th year of the Republic of China) my father worked at Kuandian Education Bureau in Liaoning Province, he actively participated in the Anti-Japanese National Salvation Society, a non-governmental organization, to organize students to donate money to support the Anti-Japanese United Army in the war against the invading Japanese Army, for which he was arrested on November 17, 1936, by the Japanese authority, and imprisoned at Kuandian County Prison, later he was transferred to Shenyang Prison, he received severe torture, the entire body was wounded and bruised, in the end he was barely breathing. What’s more barbaric is that in early 1937 he was murdered by the Japanese authority, (back then Schoolmaster Cong Shuchun of the Kuandian County was also killed tougher with him). They also alleged not to allow family members to bury the body, otherwise such family members would also be executed, which forced our family to leave our home, and sought shelter everywhere to live a non-human life. This is clear evidence of the towering crimes committed by the Japanese Invasion Army. (one evidence is page 27 of the chronicles of events of the Kuandian County Annals, another is a certificate of the KMT period).

For this purpose, I hereby lodge appeal to the Japanese Embassy in China to demand justice, meanwhile I strongly demand the Japanese government to compensate 20 million yen as economic compensation for the killing of my father during the Japanese invasion period in China and the destruction of my family.

Applicant: Lan Yuinrui
October 10, 1993

1934 (23rd year of the Republic of China)

  In April, Political Commissar Han Youhan of the troop of the Independent Division of the 1st Army of the Northeast People’s Revolution Army led troops to enter Kuandian-Hengren border zone, and carried out mass mobilization work in Daniugou of northern Kuandian.

In July, Yang Jingyu, Division Commander of the Independent Division of the Northeast People’s Revolutionary Army, led troops to entered Foyegou, Siping Village, in northern Kuandian, explored the terrain, reconnoitered enemy movements, and established Anti-Japanese Guerilla Base.

△ The whole county was drowned in rain, mountain flood erupted, about 50 plus villages received damage, 34 persons died, the flood inundated and destroyed 183,000 mu of farmland.

In August, Zuo Ziyuan led more than one hundred soldiers of anti-Japanese forces to pass Tonghua and enter Xuejiatun, Budayuan Village, Kuandian County, organized Northeast Anti-Japanese United National Salvation Army, and carried out anti-Japanese activities.

On November 26, Zuo Ziyuan led Northeast Anti-Japanese United National Salvation Army and attacked the 3rd Squadron of the Kuandian County Puppet Police at Budayuan Diaoyutai, killed Police Chief Che Xiwu, and Gai Wensheng and others, wounded 11 persons including puppet patrol officer Liu Xinghan, captured 35 persons, and captured 39 firearms and a large amount of ammunition.

1935 (24th year of the Republic of China)

  In June, Yang Jingyu led the 1st Army Headquarters and the 1st Division of the Northeast People’s Revolutionary Army to enter Lvdouyingzitun, Qingshangou Village, set up 4 Anti-Japanese societies and Children’s Corp organizations, incorporated over 20 anti-Japanese armed forces.

In July, the CPC Provincial Committee in Southern Manchuria relocated from Benxi County Alkaline Factory in Dongdadi to Kuandian.

On December 9, Yang Jingyu convened a meeting of the whole army at Foyegou, Shuangsanzi, conveyed domestic and international situation, summarized combat experience, and reorganized the troops of the Anti-Japanese United Army, the meeting ended on December 11.

On December 29, the 1st Division of the Northeast People’s Revolutionary Army organized impoverished residents to establish Siping Town government at Fangjiaweizi in Siping Village, and democratically elected Song Yanshuan as Chairman, to mobilize the population to take care of wounded soldiers, deliver intelligence, and mobilize youths to join the army, and collect grain for the anti-Japanese troops.

In the same year, in order to suppress public anti-Japanese movement, the puppet County Government Office forcefully collected 25000 privately owned firearms and shotguns, and 13000 bullets.

1936 (25th year of the Republic of China)

  On January 30, under the order of the Puppet Andong Province Police Bureau, the Puppet County Government Office transformed 127 policemen into Security Corps, which would cooperate with the Japanese army to “combat” anti-Japanese troops.

In March, the Northeast People’s Revolutionary Army intercepted 2 vehicles of the Puppet Security Corps at Dishuilazi, captivated more than 40 persons, including 2 Japanese officers, captured 40 plus rifles and some ammunition.

On April 26, the Teenager Battalion and the 3rd Regiment of the 1st Division of the Northeast People’s Revolutionary Army stormed Cuijia Compound, the site of Shuangsanzi Puppet Police Bureau, after fierce fighting spanning 1 day and 1 night, 22 soldiers were killed, more than 20 persons were wounded.

In July, soldier Wang Degui and others of the Anti-Japanese United Army organized Red Army Self Defense Corps at Lvdouyingzi to suppress traitors, maintain social order, and assist the Anti-Japanese societies to mobilize the mass to carry out “25%” rent reduction.

In August, Yang Jingyu incorporated Zuo Ziyuan’s troop as the 11th Independent Division of the 1st Army of Anti-Japanese United Army, and appointed Zuo Ziyuan as Division Commander. In September, he incorporated Yu Wanli’s troop as an independent brigade directly subordinate to the Army Headquarters, and appointed Yu Wawnli as the Brigade Commander.

△ Heavy rain flooded the county for many days, mud slide occurred in Maodianzi, more than 130 people died.

On September 13, Yang Jingyu directed the 1st Army’s subordinate troops and the 11th Independent Division to launch a sudden attack on Japanese Puppet Army Outpost Baoxinghou Compound on Dahuanggou Street in disguise, and captured a number of firearms and materials.

On September 24, Yang Jingyu convened 1000 person meeting of the incorporated anti-Japanese troops at Jiapigou Xiaotangshiling, to convey the national anti-Japanese war situation, and deploy Secret Battalion construction tasks.

On September 29, Yang Jingyu led troops of Army Headquarters and Yu Wanli Independent Battalion, ambushed 11 Japanese vehicles in Cuocaogou, killed 19 Japanese soldiers, wounded 7 persons, captured certain quantity of grain and firearms on the vehicles, and burned all the vehicles. The next day, the Japanese Puppet army burned all the civilian houses under Cuocaoling, and killed 3 innocent residents.

In autumn, the Japanese puppet authority implemented “Security Rectification” plan, implemented home concentration and village merging. Houses of a total of 3584 households were burned in the county, the farmers were respectively forced to enter 8 “Group Concentration” tribes and 43 “Home Concentration” tribes, many people were savagely killed simply because they did not want to leave hometown.

On November 17, a curfew was imposed on the whole town, the Japanese Puppet authority wantonly captured members of the Kuandian Anti-Japanese National Salvation Society. More than 20 people including Li Ji, Wang Guanwu, Cong Shuchun, Lan Jixian, Tian Xichen were arrested and imprisoned. In the late December, Wang Guanwu was killed. On March 13, the next year, Lan Jixian, Cong Shuchun were killed in Shenyang;

In winter, the Japanese Puppet Army set up 5 slaughter pits at Majiazitun, Xialouhe Village, and killed over 400 anti-Japanese residents

1937 (26th year of the Republic of China)

  In spring, an epidemic broke out in the whole county, 7629 people died.

On March 1, Zuo Ziyuan, the Division Commander of the 1st Army 11th Division of Anti-Japanese United Army died when fighting with the Japanese Puppet Army at Xibeitian, Erdaoyangcha, Xialuhe.

In April, in order to accelerate plundering of resources in Kuandian, the Puppet Manchuria Railway Company began to construct Yabei Railway (Guanshui to Shanghekou. The road bed was completed in 1943.

On June 15, the Party Committee of the 1st Army of the Anti-Japanese United Army held enlarged meeting in North Kuandian, and proposed “Resolution of the Enlarged Meeting of the 1st Army Party Headquarters of the Anti-Japanese United Army”.

In July, Anren Line Railway (Andong to Renheng) started construction, it passes Guanshui, Bahechuan and other places within the Kuandian territory to Hengren, the construction suspended in July of the 31st year of the Republic of China.

On October 1, the Japanese puppet authority constructed Shuifeng Hydraulic Power Station on Yalujiagn River, it was completed in the 32nd year of the Republic of China and started to generate power, the total installed capacity was 600,000 kW.

On October 31, Yang Jingyu adopted “luring the tiger out of its den” strategy to lure the Japanese Army to leave Shaungsanzi, laid an ambush at Foyegou, killed 15 of Japanese officer Major Sakiichi Mizude and his subordinates, and burned 2 vehicles.

On December 1, Hushan Village was transferred from Andong County to Kuandian County.

1938 (27th year of the Republic of China)

  In March, construction of railway from Fenghuang Town to Guanshui started. It was completed in the 32nd year of the Republic of China, and handled temporary passenger and cargo transport businesses.

In July, the First Army and the First Division of the Anti-Japanese United Army retreated from Kuandian territory

Temporary Certificate for Orphan of Anti-Japanese Martyr

  This is to certify that Lan Shucheng, native of Kuandian County, Andong Province, aged 19, is the second grandson of Lan Jixian, an anti-Japanese martyr, his grandfather died because of participation in the National Salvation Society, upon verification it conforms to the Clause 5 of Article1 of the “Compensation Method for Northeast Anti-Japanese Martyr Surviving Family Member” promulgated by Decree of the Mobile Barracks of Northeast High Command, this Temporary Certificate for Surviving Family Member of the Anti-Japanese Martyr is herby issued

This certificate is hereby issued as evidence

Lan Shucheng Orphan

Andong Province Anti-Japanese Martyr Investigation Committee
Chairperson ●●●
Deputy Chairperson Wang Yuwen
March 22, 36th year of the Republic of China


Murders(MU), Other Massacres(OM), Others(OT)
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