10月 21, 2018

Book Bibliography


I. 概述:

  • Imperial Japan’s World War II: 1931-1945, by Werner Gruhl, Transaction Publishers, 2007. ISBN 978-0-7658-0352-8
  • Japanese War Crimes, by Peter Li, Transaction Publisher, 2003. ISBN-10: 0765808900
  • Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan, by Herbert P. Bix, Harper Perennial, 2001. ISBN-10: 0060931302
  • Escape from Heng Yang: The Memoir of a Six-Year-Old Refugee Girl, by Chung Yao and translated by Eugene Lo Wei, Dorrannce Publishing Co., 2008. ISBN 978-0-8059-7732-5
  • 正义是否击败了时间: 中国人战后补偿诉讼的十年历程, 作者是“中国人战争受害赔偿律师团” (都是日本律师),翻译是朱春立;出版社: 解放军文艺(昆仑出版社);出版年: 2007年1月;页数:266;ISBN: 9787800408656。

II. 南京大屠杀:

  • The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, by Iris Chang, Penguin Books, 1997. ISBN 0-14-027744-7
  • American Missionary Eyewitnesses to the Nanking Massacre, by Mary Lund Smalley, Yale Divinity School Library, 1997. ASIN: B000K063NS
  • The Good Man of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe, by John Rabe, translated by John E. Woods, Vintage Books, 1998. ISBN 0-375-70197-4
  • American Goddess at the Rape of Nanking: The Courage of Minnie Vautrin, by Hua-ling Hu, with a forward by U.S. Senator Paul Simon, Southern Illinois University Press, 2000. ISBN 0-8093-2386-9
  • The Undaunted Women of Nanking: The Wartime Diaries of Minnie Vautrin and Tsen Shui-Fang, edited and translated by Hua-ling Hu and Zhang Lian-hong, Southern Illinois University Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-8093-2963-2
  • The Woman Who Could Not Forget: Iris Chang Before and Beyond the Rape of Nanking – A Memoir, by Ying-Ying Chang, Pegasus, 2011. ISBN-10: 1605981729
  • The Rape of Nanking: An Undeniable History in Photographs, by Shi Young and James Yin, Ed. by Ron Dorfman, with forword by Desmond M. Tutu, Hainan Publishing Company, 1999. ISBN 7-80645-461

III. 慰安妇(性奴隶):

  • The Comfort Women, by George Hicks, W. W. Norton & Company, 1994. ISBN 0-393-31694-7
  • Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women, by Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, Mid-Prairie Books, 1999. ISBN-10: 0931209889
  • Comfort Women, by Yoshiaki Yoshimi, Columbia University Press, 2002. ISBN-10: 0231120338
  • Daughters of the Dragon: A Comfort Woman’s Story, by William Andrews, MADhouse Press LLC, 2014. ISBN-10: 0991395859
  • Chinese Comfort Women: Testimonies from Imperial Japan’s Sex Slaves, by Peipei Qiu, Su Zhiliang, and Chen Lifei, Oxford University Press, 2014. ISBN-10: 0199373892
  • 炮楼里的女人-山西日军性奴隶调查实录, 作者是张双兵, 江苏人民出版社。 2011年5月。 ISBN: 9787214070586

IV. 细菌和化学战:

  • Unit 731: Japan’s Secret Biological Warfare in World War II, by Peter Williams and David Wallace, Free Press, 1989. ISBN-10: 0029353017
  • Factories Of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-1945, and the American Cover-Up, by Sheldon H. Harris, Routledge, 1994. ISBN-10: 1568656556
  • Unit 731 Testimony, by Hal Gold, Tuttle Publishing, 2004. ISBN-10: 0804835659
  • A Plague Upon Humanity: The Hidden History of Japan’s Biological Warfare Program, by Daniel Barenblatt, HarperCollins, 2005. ISBN 978-0-06-093387-6

V. 巴丹死亡行军和战俘:

  • Bataan Death March: A Survivor’s Account, by William E. Dyess, Bison Books, 2002. ISBN-10: 0803266332
  • Some Survived: An Eyewitness Account of the Bataan Death March and the Men Who Lived Through It, by Manny Lawton, Algonquin Books, 2004. ISBN-10: 1565124340
  • Courage on Bataan and Beyond: Memories of an American POW who was a slave of the Japanese during WWII for 3 1/2 years, by Abel Ortega, AuthorHouse, 2005. ISBN-10: 1420863843
  • Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath, by Michael Norman and Elizabeth M. Norman, Picador, 2010. ISBN-10: 0312429703
  • The Bataan Death March: Life and Death in the Philippines During World War II, by Charles River Editors, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014. ISBN-10: 1500778095
  • Prisoners of the Japanese: POWs of World War II in the Pacific, by Gavin Daws, William Morrow Paperback, 1996. ISBN-10: 0688143709
  • Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, by Laura Hillenbrand, Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2014. ISBN-10: 0812974492
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